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Silicone Resin Sunicon 6141

  • Sunicon 6141


As a resin modifier, it can provide heat resistance, cold resistance, radiation resistance, weather resistance, rigidity, flame retardant. 

As an adhesion promoter, it is especially suitable for oil-based systems. 

It can be used as hydrophobic treatment agent and lubricant for powder. 

More applications in adhesives, powder coatings, building materials coatings, modification. 



·         Excellent heat resisting

·         Excellent compatibility with other resins 

·         Good resin grafting performance

·         Good fire resistance, weather resistance

·         Good radiation resistance, ageing resistant, and Low temperature resistance. 


Sunicon 6141 is a silicone resin containing carbon hydroxyl group. Sunicon 6141 is mainly used for resin or rubber modification with amino group, carboxyl group, hydroxyl group and epoxy group. After modification, it greatly improves the temperature resistance, adhesion property and reaction process of the resin. It is recommended that the temperature be above 120 ° C. The reaction requires the addition of an organometallic catalyst. If it is added directly, it needs to be cured at temperatures above 120 °C for more than 15 minutes, or a metal or amine catalyst is required. 



Net weight 25kg or 200kg plastic drum.

Storage & Shelf life

Unopened stored at the temperature below 38°C; the shelf-life of the product from the date of production for 12 months. 

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