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Environmental High Boiling Solvent DBE

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Environmental High Boiling Solvent DBE




DBE is a mixture of dibasic acid ester. It is also called as dibasic acid ester mixture of three dibasic esters.



Ø  Good solubility for polyurethane resin, acrylic resin, polyester, alkyd resin and epoxy resin, etc.

Ø  Good leveling property, enhancing color and luster, improving covering power of dye ,reducing the surface defects like orange peel. pinhole, fisheye and crate.

Ø  Wide boiling point long flow, helpful for adjusting volatility speed of the entire solvent system.

Ø  Easily regulating the formula for it is easily soluble inmost organic solvents.

Ø  With flavor of ester and able to be biologically degraded.

Ø  Good stability, not to oxidize an decompose in storage in nature.

Ø  High flash point and low vapor pressure for safe use.



DBE is extensively applied in the fields of automobile coating, baking coating, carpentry coating, vessel/can coating, printing ink industry, metal furniture coating, insulating coating and resin industry.



There is no special precaution for the storage of DBE. It can be stored in average metal pails, and it is not corrosive and is not of photochemical reaction .It should not be classified as a hazardous substance and it is not combustible due to its low flammability.


Package :

Packed in 220kg net per plastic or iron drum or ISOTANK or Flexitank




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