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Aldehyde Resin SN-81

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Aldehyde Resin

Product Description:

Pale, yellowing-resistant aldehyde resin that is soluble in almost all paint solvents and compatible with practically all coating raw materials. Its main uses are combination with other resin binders and the production or all-purpose pigment pastes.


l  Better aging resistance;

l  Better fluidity which can increase solid content;

l  Improve the solubility of N/C in mixed solvent;

l  No affect on flex-resistance (If add more than 10% of Ketone resin, flex-resistance will decrease a lot.);

l  Easier to dissolve, low solution viscosity, easier to operate.


Ø   Alkyd resins

Ø   Cellulose nitrate

Ø   Cellulose acetobutyrate

Ø   Vinyl chloride copolymers

Ø   Chlorinated rubber

Ø   Hydroxypolyacrylates

Ø   Melamine formaldehyde resins

Ø   Aromatic and aliphatic epoxy resins

Ø   Hydrocarbon resins

Ø   Phthalate plasticizers


1. Aldehyde resin has excellent solubility and compatibility, enabling them to be used in many types of coating formulation.

2. It can be used to improve gloss, hardness, adhesion and yellowing resistance, depending application.

3. A very pale color and good pigment wetting are two properties that make aldehyde resin particularly suitable for producing all-purpose pigment preparations.The low viscosity of its solutions enables high-pigment-content pastes to be produced.

4. Since They have good heat resistance, aldehyde resin is also used for baking finishes, it does not cause any odors or discoloration of the resin.


25kgs net per bag


Aldehyde resin has a shelf life of 2 years at temperature below40℃.

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