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Water Base Solid Acrylic Resin Sacryl WB7721



Water base Solid acrylic resin Sacryl WB7721 is polymerized by special acrylic monomer and acrylic acid.


Good pigment wettability , excellent color development.High hardness, good solvent release and fast drying.
High gloss, good water solubility and low odor

Ink making and performance:

1.     According to the base material and all kinds of resistance requirements, it can be adjusted for specific proportion at any ratio with Sacryl WBE 5300 emulsion. The recommended ratio is between 1:1 and 1:2

2.     Excellent shallow network transfer performance and color reduction performance, printing dots return to clear, thick and full, not easy to block and close down.

3.     High solid content and low viscosity formula, enable high speed and low viscosity printing, no visible air bubbles and good diluting resistance.

4.     Excellent adhesion, lamination fastness and suitability.

5.     Excellent printing and scraper applicability, non-static and non-fogging , it will not cause blade threads, good long-term printing fatigue resistance



Ø  Suitable for water based ink on plastic film.

Ø  Suitable for high-speed gravure paper printing ink, high concentration color paste grinding, improve pigment content of color paste, with excellent transparency, color development and printing suitability. Good compatibility with a variety of emulsion and non yellowing to film forming .

Ø  Suitable for kinds of substances, such as PP, PE, PET, BOPP, etc. It has good advantage on adhesion and drying speed.



Packing and storage:

25kgs net per bag

Store in cool and well-ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.


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