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UV Absorber Sunsorb 3030

  • Sunsorb 3030
  • Sunsorb 3030

                                              Sunsorb 3030

Chemical name:   Pentaerythritol tetrakis(2-cyano-3,3-diphenylacrylate)

Molecular formula: C69H48N4O8

Molecular weight: 1061.14

CAS Number:     178671-58-4

EINECS number   924-350-7


It can strongly absorb UV with wavelength of 280~320nm, and it has the best thermal stability and minimum volatility among all UV absorbers.Application and properties:

Ø  It can be used for plastic with high processing temperature, anti-aging, suitable for PA, PET, especially for PC.

Ø  It has good compatibility in PC which is used in completely transparent PC products, it provides excellent protection of product yellowing, and it also has excellent performance in maintaining the clarity and natural color of thick plate and hot extrusion film. When used in combination with other UV absorbers, it can significantly improve the thermal and light stability of the polymer, as well as its weatherability to the climate, and can significantly reduce the discoloration caused by the absorption of ultraviolet light.


Packing & Storage:

25kg carton or drum

Stored in cool and dry conditions, in the original sealed containers.


Handling & Safety:

In accordance with good industry practice, handle with care and prevent from contamination of the environment. Avoid dust formation and ignition sources.


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