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Poly-Ketone Resin

off-white granule
  • SN206/SN221

Poly-ketone Resin

Poly-ketone resin has a wide application in ink industry. It has a good name of “universal resin” in plastic flexo printing ink. 


1)     Solubility

SN-206/221 resin can almost dissolve in all the organic solvent such as benzene, ester, ketone and alcohol. It also has high endurance to aliphatic solvent and plasticizer.

2)     Compatibility

It has slight color and wide compatibility, compatible with almost all the synthetic resin used in gravure printing ink.

3)     Structure

With saturated structure, it can be intercalated in almost compound and transfer the chemical endurance to the ink and coating that uses SN-206 resin.

4)     Polar

Because of the polar, it can substantively improve the adhesion, pigment imbibitions and luster.

5)     With low viscosity and high compatibility , it can be used in high solid content ink (proper to the high-speed print more than 200m/min) and coating.

Usage and dosage:

1). Used in plastic surface printing ink, plastic compound ink, Aluminum foil ink, bright silver card/paper ink, anti-falsification ink, adhesion thin slice ink, transparent ink, thermal transfer ink.  Recommend dosage: approx. 2-5%

2). Used in solvent base gravure, flexible plate and screen printing and other printing ink, improve the pigment wetting, gloss, printability and solid content of ink. Recommend dosage: approx. 3- 8%

3). Used in varnish for tobacco box, paper , leather, shoes, nails and tipping paper ink, improve the gloss, adhesion, fast drying, printability,etc. Recommend dosage: approx.5-10%

4). Used in ball-pen ink to realize certain rheological property, prevent ink drying in  pens and improve the fast-drying performance after writing.

5). Used in heat-resistance milk package ink and other heat resistance ink. Recommend dosage: approx. 1-5%


In 25kg net per bags.


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