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Light Stabilizer Sunuvin 123


Chemical name :

Decanedioic acid, bis(2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-1-(octyloxy)-4-piperidinyl)ester, reaction products with 1,1-dimethylethylhydroperoxide and octane
CAS number 129757-67-1 

Molecular Weight: 737



Sunuvin123 is a solvent-free hindered amine light stabilizer dispersion developed for waterborne coatings. Based on the NOR Hals Sunuvin 123, it is suited for coatings requiring a non-basic, no interacting radical scavenger light stabilizer type. It fulfills most stringent durability requirements of high performance industrial and decorative applications.



Sunuvin 123 is easy to incorporate to aqueous paints as a simple stir-in product. Homogeneous mixing is obtained without adding cosolvents and without high energy dispersion equipment. Sedimentation or separation do not occur during storage of paints.
Sunuvin123 in general fully keeps film optics such as gloss and transparency, and has a minor influence on other film properties such a hardness, scratch and water resistance. Its excellent compatibility and chemical stability make high dosages possible without color. Sunuvin 123 inhibits the photo-oxidation of binders and increases the coatings resistance to gloss loss, chalking, cracking, delamination and to color change. It helps to maintain flexibility, adhesion, water repellency, appearance and provides significant improved coating durability and service life time.


Sunuvin-123 is recommended for clear and pigmented coatings:

·          Automotive and general industrial paints

·          Wood stains and coatings, waxes and wood care products

·          Plastic coatings (films, sheets, containers , liners, tarpaulins, tiles

·          OVP varnishes (graphic arts, prints, displays, signs, decals...)

·          Architectural coatings (roof tiles, walls, floors etc...)

·          Glass and ceramic coatings (architectural glazing, packaging...)

·          Adhesives and bonding layers.


Recommended Concentration

2.0~10.0%Sunuvin-123 (as supplied product form) meaning 0.6~3% active HALS (concentrations are based on weight percent binder solids)

For clear and light pigmented system: 2~10% Sunuvin 123 + 2~10% UV-99, UV-400 or UV- 477



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