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Dispersing Agent Sunsper 345


Dispersing AgentSunsper 345

Chemical composition: Polyether modified polydimethylsiloxane

Properties and advantage:

1.     Good water solubility, dispersing and low surface tension, widely used for UV, water base and solvent coating. Good compatibility with UV Curing and solvent system. Good property for improving anti-scratch and re-coating.

2.     Good oil resistance and shrinkage prevention.

3.     Excellent resin compatibility.

4.     High performance with low adding amount.

5.     Good compatibility. Freely soluble in methanol, isopropanol, acetone, xylene and

dichloromethane. It can be dispersed in water.

Suitable for UV , water base and solvent base system. Such as water and solvent base wood paint, automobile paint, water and solvent industry paint. Especially for water based PU system.Application :

Adding amount:0.1-1% of the formula.

Usage suggestion:It can be added after grinding or stirring. It can also be added after the end of production. Solvent type: water, alcohols, alkanes, aromatics.

With a co-solvent such as dipropylene glycol methyl ether will be more effective

Coating System:Solvent base, water base, solvent free system.

Packing:in 25kgs or 200kgs plastic drum

Storage: Well closed store at 5-40, avoid high temperature and freezing.

Shelf life:12 months.


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