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Copolymer of Vinyl Chloride and Vinyl Isobutyl Ether

  • CMP-15/25/35


CMP series chlorinated resins are copolymers of vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl ether. Having overcome major shortcomings of other chlorinated polymers, they can be used as base resin for air-drying paints or other physical drying paints. Meanwhile, MP series chlorinated resins serve as base resin for heavy-duty anticorrosion paints, can replace chlorinated rubber and have broad prospects with their advantageous ratio of quality to price and environmental protection advantage.


Ø Good anti-corrosion abilityØ Good stability
Ø Good adhesion
Ø Good compatibility

Ø Fireproof ability

A. CMP-15; CMP-25; CMP-35

Chlorinated resins (vinyl chloride - vinyl isobutyl ether) have all the properties of modern anti-corrosive materials, such as anti-hydrolysis, water resistance, weatherablity and anti chemical corrosion. They are widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy industry, mining industry, water supply, ship building industry and etc.

Industry anti-corrosive coating
Chlorinated resins (vinyl chloride - vinyl isobutyl ether) are not easily saponified, water resistance, anti chemical reagents, good adherence, they are very suitable for anti-corrosive primer and top coating used in industrial gas.

Primer and top coating for light metal
Aluminium, zinc, galvanized steel plate and other non-ferrous metal are difficult to be coated, because common synthesized resin coating don't have good adherence on them, coating film is apt to peel off from the substrate, while chlorinated resins (vinyl chloride - vinyl isobutyl ether) coating can reliably adhere on such substrates.

Marine coating
Chlorinated resins (vinyl chloride - vinyl isobutyl ether) have good water resistance, brine resistance, outdoor weatherability, yellowing resistance and durable anti-corrosive properties, coatings based on chlorinated resins have fast dry speed and are easily applied, they play an important role in the anti-corrosion of marine industry.

Containers coating
When used in containers, coatings based on chlorinated resins (vinyl chloride - vinyl isobutyl ether) have excellent adherence and water resistance, the coating stability over a wide temperature range can also be assured.
Chlorinated resins (vinyl chloride - vinyl isobutyl ether) can also be used in inorganic substrate coating, road marking coating, plastics coating, swimming pool coating and flame retardant coating.

B. CMP-45

CMP-45 is an excellent binder, it is suitable for the production of solvent type ink, especially composite ink for plastics. Previously, printing ink industry mainly use

MP45 chlorinated resin from BASF, but the price is very high, so the production costs of ink companies are comparatively high. By adopting our MP45 chlorinated resin, the ink production costs can be lowered, as a result, the ink companies can make more profits.


20kgs net per bag

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