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Aldehyde Resin SN 81-1


Aldehyde Resin SN 81-1

Product Description:

Pale, yellowing-resistant aldehyde resin that is soluble in almost all paint solvents and compatible with practically all coating raw materials. Its main uses are combination with other resin binders and the production or all-purpose pigment pastes.


Aldehyde resin can work with N/C, alkyd or PU, chlorinated copolymer resin and plasticizer to make transparent or colored coating, applicable for wooden article, metal and paper.

The solution of aldehyde resin has low viscosity and good fluidity. It can increase the solid content in coating and improve the film thickness, luster, hardness and aging resistance.

Aldehyde resin is insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent, so that it can be used in coating resistance to gasoline.

Aldehyde resin can be used in baking paint, as it will not decompose to send off peculiar smell or influence the luster. 5% dosage can increase the hardness from 1H to 3H and remain the flex-resistance.


Aldehyde resin are compatible with many coatings raw materials including:
alkyd resins
cellulose nitratecellulose acetobutyratevinyl chloride copolymerschlorinated rubberhydroxypolyacrylatesmelamine formaldehyde resinsaromatic and aliphatic epoxy resinshydrocarbon resinsphthalate plasticizers


1. It can be used in many types of coating formulation.
2. It is
 suitable for producing all-purpose pigment preparations.

3. It also used for baking finishes, it does not cause any odors or discoloration of the resin.

Safety: please ref to our MSDS.
Storage: Aldehyde resin has a shelf life of 2 years at temperature below 40°C.


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