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Polyaspartic Ester Resin Sunaspar SN520

  • Sunaspar SN520
  • Sunaspar SN520

Sunaspar SN520


Sunaspar SN520 is solvent free amine-functional polyaspartic ester resin which reacts with  polyisocyanates.



l  High solid content and low viscosity;

l  Offering excellent hardness, fullness, leveling, gloss; good resistance to weather, solvent, acid and alkali, saline water;

l  Good adhesion on plastics such as ABS,PC,PVC and various metal;

l  Excellent compatibility with most Hydroxy acrylate resin, CAB, etc.


Widely used in car paint, effectively improve fullness, gloss, hardness and drying;Application:

l  Widely used in high grade industrial paint which requires high hardness and wearing resistance;

l  Used in heavy and light anti-corrosion surface paint for steel structure, oil pipelines;

l  Used in foam landscape coating, fan blade coating;

l  Used for milling high concentration color paste, especially for car repairing paint, nice for milling high color 

    carbon black due to 100% solid content with low viscosity and good wetting and compatibility.


Packing & Storage:

200kg drums. Suggest store in cool, dry and well ventilated place, far away from fire. Shelf life is 12 months.




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