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Aldehyde Ketone Resin CF-AP

  • CF-AP


CF-AP is an aromatic linear thermoplastic solid resin with excellent compatibility with most solvent-based inks and coatings, non-aqueous UV systems. This product has excellent stability in the UV system but not suitable for alcohol solvent systems.



Ø  Widely used for UV curable and solvent base system.

Ø  Reducing viscosity and increasing solid content.

Ø  Significantly reducing volume shrinkage of the film;

Ø  Faster drying and non volatile matter

Ø  Improving wetting and dispersibility of pigment, reducing grinding time.

Ø  Improving hardness, gloss and fullness

Ø  Excellent resistance to ethanol and mineral oil.

No formaldehyde (detection limit: 1ppm), benzene series and halogen free. 


Ø  UV ink binder;

Ø  UV inkjet ink

Ø  UV glue and adhesive

Ø  UV anti-corrosive and antirust coating

Ø  Solvent base ink, OPV

Ø  Solvent base color paste

Ø  High ethanol resistance coating

Ø  Industry coating and furniture coating


25kgs plastic bag or paper bag.


Storage and Shelf Life:

Store at cool and ventilated place, keep away from sunlight and heat source. The best storage temperature is 10-35. Under normal storage conditions, the shelf life is 12 months.

Safety: please ref to our MSDS.

Manufacturers must carry out their own trials for developing products based on CF-AP resin because the manufacture and use of such product are affected by a large number of factors (e.g. compatibility of the components, storage stability), which we cannot cover exhaustively in our own trials.

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