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Acrylic Emulsion Sacryl WBE 6315

  • Sacryl WBE6315

Properties and application:

  • Excellent water melting , high gloss, good yielding, rub resistance, strong adhesion to substrates;

  • Can be used independently, one step of milling and adjusting to make finished ink;

  • For high concentration paste milling: Good transparency, color developing, printing adaptation,

good compatibility, non-yellowing in film, good re-solubility with any ratio of water or ethanol;

  • For various substrates as PP, PE, PET, BOPP: Unique performance in adhesion and drying speed;

  • For paper offset printing: Reduce cost by less adding amount with good effect (e.g. for PVC

woven bags, improve printing speed greatly);

  • For water base wood paint and metal paint also.


Sacryl 6315 can be used independently for water base plastic ink, with good performance in surface printing and inner printing; also the best effect could be got together with Sacryl 6300 (slow drying) or Sacryl 6317 (fast drying).The printing speed by formulated water base plastics ink can be improved to 300m/min.




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